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Hello, I’m Anudeep Hegde, I help brands to enable & optimize business results through digital experimentation and personalization. With my in-depth experience across different industries, I plan, execute and manage integrated digital marketing campaigns across organic, paid, and social channels that grow your marketing and sales pipeline to increase leads, sales and grow revenue.

  • Age: 31
  • Residence: India
  • Freelance: Remote Working
  • Address:India
  • Phone: +91 97 3125 8717
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What Can I Do For You

Whether you have an marketing team or just starting to look for digital marketing services for your B2B, Hotels, Homestays, Resorts,or a retail business, I can help you accelerate growth with results-oriented digital marketing campaigns. As a market consultant, I will work with you as an extension or addition to your team to create and optimize your marketing and sales funnels, drive more qualified leads and increase your revenue.Hire a creative marketing specialist and boost your business online as well as offline. Services are :

Aerial photography service in Karnataka: Capture stunning aerial images of landscapes, properties, and events in Karnataka with our professional aerial photography service. Our team uses state-of-the-art equipment to deliver high-quality visuals for various purposes, including marketing, real estate, and tourism.

Aerial videography service in Karnataka: Bring your stories to life with our aerial videography service in Karnataka. Our skilled videographers capture breathtaking footage from above, providing a unique perspective for films, documentaries, commercials, and more. Get stunning aerial videos that captivate and engage your audience.

Google business page optimization: Boost your online presence with our Google business page optimization service. Our experts optimize your Google My Business page to improve its visibility on Google search results and maps, helping you attract more local customers and increase your online reputation.

Web development service online in India: Establish a powerful online presence with our web development service in India. Our experienced web developers create custom websites tailored to your business needs, from e-commerce platforms to informational websites, with user-friendly design and seamless functionality.

Photography service for real estate projects: Showcase your real estate properties in the best light with our professional photography service. Our skilled photographers capture stunning images of real estate projects, including homes, commercial properties, and landmarks, to help you attract potential buyers and renters.

Hotel booking management in India: Streamline your hotel bookings with our comprehensive hotel booking management service in India. Our advanced booking system and efficient management strategies ensure smooth operations, seamless customer experience, and increased revenue for your hotel business.

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Kalavady Farmstay

Kalavady farm house is a great respite from the hustle and bustle of city life for those who love natural beauty and prefer a slower pace of life. This is a nice area to read and write or just sit by the pool for those who prefer to remain in and relax. The modest cabins are ideal for unwinding while overlooking the farm through wall-to-wall windows. The outdoor area is bordered by a cashew plantation. You can sit beneath the shade of one of the cashew trees and enjoy the scenery.

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Digital Marketing
Starting a new business or want more people to know about your business ?? Effective Digital Marketing is crucial to your brand. Let me handle all the complexity. Hire top-class Internet marketing specialist and boost your business online as well as offline. advertising delivered through digital channels such as social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites or any new digital channel.
Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing plays a significant role to connect directly to your customers.Social Media have become very essential part of your business marketing. Interacting with customers on social media helps you build authority and reputation to your brand.It needs immense planning, perfect execution, and constant monitoring to get outcomes on all social media platforms.
Aerial Photography and filming
Aerial photography/videography services are a perfect choice for showing a different perspective of real estate projects, resorts, homestays events. Visual contents play a major role in digital marketing. With more than 4 years of experience in flying drones, and filming in different terrains to provide you with creative stunning aerial footage including images, video, and panoramas to showcase your hotels, resorts or tourist destinations.
Homestay/Hotel/Resort Marketing
With more than two years of experience marketing a 4-star luxury resort and a mega convention center as well as being a super host on Airbnb with experience of hosting travelers from across the continent, I understand both the customer and business perspective of the travel industry. My experience of working for two 4 star luxury properties, as well as being a active traveler gives me a great edge to understand the hospitality industry from a unique perspective. Get in touch for a one on one consultation.
With more than 6 years of first-hand experience in creating photographic contents in wedding/events, real estate, automobile, aerial and product photography for digital campaigns. I will be your goto person to match all your photographic requirements for digital platforms and advertising advertisement.
Web Development
Building just a website is never enough in today’s world. A website that converts and ranks well on search engine is what makes your website click. With more than 4 years of online sales and marketing experience and network of expert developers, I can make sure your website meets all the needs of modern marketing techniques and proper integration of all the tools to make your website stand out and also measurable in terms of traffic and ROI.
Social Media Banners and Graphics
In today's world, success is measured by how many followers you have on social media. social media banners are an integral tool to step up your game and improve your online presence today. I can create innovative designs that will connect with your target audience. I can also be a design consultant to plan the right design and contents which connect with your target audience.
I can help to bridge the gap between businesses and the online world, helping you to market products, services, and brand in the right way. I am experienced in providing consultation on Brand Strategy & Planning, Content Strategy, Digital Asset Development, Brand Voice Development, Social Strategy, SEO Audits, and Recommendations, Search Strategy (SEO & SEM) Mobile Strategy. Whether to help your marketing team or assist the business owner, my expertise in digital marketing can be a great tool to accelerate your decision-making process.
Online branding
The Brand is the single most important element to a business or organisation.The way you build your brand online will shape not only the perception of your business but also how you make money.In the world of increasing digital footprint and mobile centric market, our experience enables us to do holystic digital-centric approach to developing brand identity.

Digital Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Remarketing
  • Wordpress CMS
  • Campaign Management
  • Landing Page Planning
  • Hotel OTA Management & Optimization
  • Google Business Page Optimization
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Hotel Booking Management


  • Real Estate
  • Interior & Architecture
  • Wedding & Pre Wedding
  • Product Photography
  • Automobile Photography
  • Aerial/ Drone Photography

Videography Skills

  • Arial Filming/ Drone Video
  • Micro Video
  • Ads Video
  • Web Commercial
  • Product Video
  • Testimonials Video
  • Event & Wedding Video
  • Marketing video